“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”  – Albert Einstein 


Our ambitious Managing Director, Aaliya, grew up with a desire to help others and is an attribute that is still present in her life today. With an extensive background of volunteering, teaching and marketing, her humanitarian motivations in life derive from her upbringing, where hard work and generosity were continuously instilled in her. This continued throughout her education and, after being subject to relentless bullying, she travelled to London to participate in Diana’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme. Here, she took part in a number of educational activities that would ultimately lead to important discussions with her peers surrounding bullying, running anti-bullying campaigns and promoting a culture that aimed to keep those safe both online and offline. Returning to her school with a new drive to tackle the problem,  Aaliya campaigned on the importance of not only raising awareness of, but celebrating difference. After completing her Duke of Edinburgh Award, graduating from University with a First-Class Honours and being awarded ‘Best Dissertation’, Aaliya went on to become a primary school teacher and a Social Media & Marketing Manager; both roles crucial in helping her to achieve what she does today at Break The Mould. 


Break The Mould’s priority is to help children of all backgrounds and abilities to improve their confidence, communication skills, and physical fitness. Aaliya is proud of the work Break The Mould has achieved already in it’s two years, particularly the working community culture it has produced; stating that this is vital to the running success of the organisation, “It is a means for our volunteers to understand their organisation, to voice their opinions and views which will ultimately aid in developing connections and common purpose.”  


In Aaliya’s eyes, the future looks bright for Break The Mould, with a number of exciting and ambitious projects on the horizon.  The foundation’s goals now are to be recognised nationally for the incredible work that is carried out and to help those who need it right across the country. Playing a significant role in the growth of the foundation, and with plans to create a facility that would house all aspects of Break The Mould under one roof, Aaliya recognises the need for a strong network of driven volunteers and works closely with each one to ensure the aims of the foundation are always prioritised.