Free hampers for families in Noctorum

Free hampers for families in the Noctorum with BTM’s Covid Summer Support Grant The wide-ranging consequences of Covid-19 have made their mark in every aspect of our lives. Our routines were turned upside down, everyday tasks like shopping and buying food became complicated at their best and frightening at their worst. On top of this, […]

The Importance of Exercise

After nearly two years stuck inside with Netflix and blankets, it can be tricky to remember the importance of being fit and well, or where to begin when thinking about it. Now that lockdown is beginning to ease, you might be wondering how to get back on track with your health and fitness. So, let’s […]

P.O.W (Pride of Wirral)

P.O.W is something we are really excited about! This has two aspects to it, a side we are developing to promote how a schools performance is towards their participation of sport with their pupils and their offering of sports and physical activity. Children will also be able to record their hours of physical activity and […]

Employability Programme

We aim to provide an education programme for young people between 16-24 which will prepare them to find meaningful employment. The programme will especially cater for those with special needs, who come from difficult backgrounds and those who may have become homeless Our goal is to have an independent free school but to reach that we may need to build […]

VRP Violence Reduction Programme

With this project we have been delivering various activities within schools, community centres and youth centres to young people aged 10-14 that are at risk of losing their place at school and/or becoming involved in gang crime and violence.