What We Do

At BTM our aim is to create lots of opportunities to learn through physical education and develop ways to make classroom lessons active.

As an organisation understand that we are all different and have mixed abilities, backgrounds and needs so we aim to provide alternative ways to deliver our lessons, sports or active lessons that caters to the students individual needs and allow the children to discover and learn.

The way we deliver our sessions encourages the children we work with to be accountable for their actions, doing it this way we naturally develop social and communication skills which is key for children with troubled backgrounds and or children with needs that might have trouble getting across their frustrations.

Through everything we have outlined, to create an environment that allows ALL young people to participate in sport through various avenues such as PE, clubs, inclusive school competitions and community sports. 

Sports and Activities

Lesson plans delivered to all ages
DBS certified & trained coaches
Full PE sports curriculum covered

What We Offer?

Our sessions are adaptable to you and can be booked as half or full day time slots and the option to incorporate breakfast, lunch time and after school clubs are also available! Giving you the opportunity to truly experience and build a wide range of skills and aid you in the development of your mental and physical health.

Schools have utilised their sport premium funding to book sports sessions and staff CPD.
Fun packed and enriched BTM sports sessions are delivered by experienced and qualified coaches, who are highly skilled and professional in their field.

Sessions are carefully planned and relevant equipment is brought to every session in order to maximise children’s enjoyment and development.

Our Mission

Breaking down the stigmas surrounding children with special needs and disadvantaged young people by helping them build confidence and social skills through opportunities to play and learn through fully inclusive sport.

Accountability and transparency

We are clear, Honest and open about everything we do.

Impact and empowerment

We strive to make a positive impact and empower all of whom may experience Break The Moulds services.


We embrace our differences and encourage all to be proud of our uniqueness.

Break The Mould

We strive to drive change for individuals and communities by doing things in a markedly different way.