Our Nurseries Classes

We work with a number of nurseries to introduce children to sport at an early age through a wide range of mini-sport games and activities that support EYFS goals and help develop confidence and social skills. From our sessions your little ones will also learn to develop concentration, hand and eye co-ordination, balance and agility and above all, have fun!

We work with a number of nurseries to provide bespoke sports solutions to suit every need.

Our sessions focus on encouraging healthy lifestyles in our toddlers and children whilst simultaneously assisting them in meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage Physical Development milestones

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Reasons to get involved


Build confidence in your little one through participation in sport.


Improve physical fitness as our sessions help develop growth of bones, muscles and cardiovascular fitness.

Social Skills

Improve personal and social skills including cooperation and leadership.

Fun For All

It’s great fun! Our sessions are designed to be fun and engaging and inclusive for all abilities.

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