Environmental Project


The Mission 

At BTM, we know that we are nothing without our world. Our surroundings are not only the place where we live and work, but they also help us to find beauty, inspiration, and new experiences that enrich our lives. 

We believe that just as a community relies on its environment, we have a duty to look after it in any way that we are able. In order to play our part in building a sustainable future for the next generations, we recognise the importance of laying solid foundations in education and action: which is where we come in. 

Our Vision

In order to achieve this goal, we have big plans for our environmental project which we hope to launch in the near future. 

Based on the four principles of education, demonstration, replication and challenge, we aim to provide educational resources and activities that enable people in our community to live in ways that are more environmentally-friendly.

First, we want to educate. We will do this at our Environment Awareness Day, where we will provide fun activities and interesting resources that inform of our impact on the environment and how we can reduce it.

Next, we will demonstrate. By organising events, such as our Waste Reduction Day and Tree Planting Excursion, we will put into practice the information we present in the educate stage.  By doing this, we hope to make to make it easier for people to implement environmentally-friendly activities in their own daily lives. This brings us onto our next stage: replicate

Finally, our last stage is challenge. There’s nothing like a little competition to get people interested, so in our last stage, we will encourage people in our community to show their commitment and flex their new green skills in a range of fun challenges. 

Overall, we want to make living sustainably more accessible and straightforward for everyone. Whether you are able to do a lot or a little, it is when we come together that we can action real, positive change.