The Importance of Personal Development



Everyone is accustomed to the pressure that is put on individuals to excel in their academics and their careers, but what about excelling in what goes on in here?



Although the importance of personal development is proving itself to be destigmatized, it could be said that not enough effort is placed on learning about self-importance.


So, what is Personal Development? In a nutshell, it is an enduring process that involves assessing your lifelong goals to maintain a proactive and fulfilling life. In contrast to sitting exams or getting a promotion, there is no right or wrong answer to achieving self-importance; however, there are phases that you can progress through, which can help you accomplish personal development.


The Four Phases of Personal Development



1.     Self-Discovery – The first stage begins with finding out where you are, in order to move forward. This can be done by taking time to reflect on who you are and who you want to become.


2.     Self-Development – This second stage is about developing specific aspects of your mind and body, in the pursuit of enhancing your physical and mental skills.


3.     Self-Mastery – Through developing your awareness, understanding and control over emotions, thoughts and actions, you can make the most of your physical mental, emotional and physical self. This is called Self-Mastery.


4.     Self-Actualisation – When you have achieved this mastery of your personal skills, there will be an increased self-confidence. You will reach a more fulfilled and happier life. This is the stage known as Self-Actualisation and is the final stage in becoming your best self.


It is important to note that it is okay to fall off the band wagon. Everyone has down days – its all about persistence and trying again to reach the end goal – being your happiest self. As they say, “You can’t have a rainbow without the rain.”



So why is Personal Development important?



·       Enhances your strengths – knowing what you are good at increases self-confidence!


·       Overcome Weaknesses – this goes hand in hand with enhancing strengths. Knowing what you may not be so good at, can help you focus on the strengths.


·       Improve mental health – who doesn’t want a healthier mind? Block out the cloudy, unhappy thoughts and keep control of the good ones!


·       Better Decision Making – having a healthier mind, means a clearer mind, and making decisions is easier when you can distinguish what is best for you.


·       Sense of Purpose – this also goes hand in hand with confidence. A sense of purpose can also lead to motivation to achieve targets and step out of your comfort zone! This could be a new career path, a new hobby or building better relationships.


What can you take from this?


Try this journey of Personal Development and see it as a positive experience. It is best not to get demotivated from a rough day but focus on the end goal. You can only achieve what you put into it and by taking responsibility for your own self, self-importance can be achieved with consistent personal development.