Our Team


Founder Kris Leigh created Break the Mould with the vision of helping young people with impairments and or adverse backgrounds “Break The Mould” of what society has trapped them in. Kris envisions Break The Mould as a representation of the mould of which society has put people in and to ultimately, put an end to this and allow all to embrace their differences freely.

Kris’ drive is to provide support and opportunities for the local community in various different areas including: education, employment, experience, mental and physical health. Through his own experiences of learning during his time in Education, his aim is to develop alternative ways for children and young people to learn and reach their potential other than the conventional ways.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only emphasised the importance of his approach to provide innovative ways for children and young people to develop whilst also striking the balance of improving their mental and physical health.

Kris is a visionary leader driven by his vision to drive change for individuals and communities by doing things in a markedly different way.


After graduating from university with a First-Class Honours and awarded ‘Best Dissertation’, Aaliya went on to become a primary school teacher and a Social Media & Marketing Manager.

Aaliya's career continued in Finance and Fintech and following successful completing of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and becoming one of Diana’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Aaliya then looked for further opportunities to make a difference and give something back!

Now, Business Entrepreneur and determined Aaliya works as a Business Development Executive Full-time and is one of our Directors here at Break The Mould and also owns and runs her own business—it’s safe to say she’s something of a workaholic and is very ambitious!

Volunteering and charity work are very close to Aaliya’s heart and with family of different learning disabilities and conditions, she jumped at the opportunity to get involved with BTM and make a difference!

Dr Nancy Roberts

Nancy is an experienced entrepreneur and a domain expert in diversity and inclusion. She is the founder of successful diversity consultancy, Business Inclusivity, which operates as a social enterprise; and founder and CEO of Umbrella, providing technology-enabled tools and services to empower businesses to improve diversity and inclusion.

Nancy is a highly skilled leader with 20 years of experience, including at board level. She holds a BA, two MAs, and a PHD in Postcolonial Feminist Theory, and is currently an Exec MBA student at Cranfield University.