Free hampers for families in Noctorum

Free hampers for families in the Noctorum with BTM’s Covid Summer Support Grant

The wide-ranging consequences of Covid-19 have made their mark in every aspect of our lives. Our routines were turned upside down, everyday tasks like shopping and buying food became complicated at their best and frightening at their worst.

On top of this, the services of British food banks and other community organisations have been stretched as increasing numbers of families need their support.

While several Social Supermarkets have been established in the Wirral, the Noctorum has remained a chronically deprived area, and like many others, not immune to the added pressures of the pandemic.

In response to this issue, and to stay true to our mission of doing things differently, from 29th July until 6th October 2021 Break the Mould supported families in the Noctorum community by providing free hampers with its Covid Summer Support Grant.

What is the Covid Summer Support Grant?

The Covid Summer Support Grant is a project that delivered 1,877 free hampers to families living in the Noctorum in north-east Wirral.

With sponsorship from Wirral Council and the DWP, the hampers contained a range of foods, such as a family pack of cereal; chicken, vegetables, and potatoes for complete chicken roast dinners with dessert; and a family pack of fresh meat.

Juices, crisps, and chocolate bars were also included, along with cleaning products, and nappies for families with young children.

The Covid Summer Support Grant was sparked by the success of the Noctorum Social Supermarket.

Located at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, the supermarket is run by the community, for the community, and sells food and everyday essentials at reduced prices to make sure no local resident goes hungry.

With the grant, BTM has been able to provide a selection of tasty treats, healthy food and household necessities to help local families take care of themselves through our second Covid summer.

We have also put some much-needed smiles on faces after a difficult 18 months – the photo at the top of this post speaks for itself!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our amazing team of volunteers. For pledging their time and passion to organise the buying, packing and delivery of the hampers, we have to say a huge thank you to everyone involved!

What is Break the Mould?

If you have not come across us before, we are a Wirral-based non-profit organisation founded in 2019.

Our mission is to create real opportunities for young people through sport and education, as well as support the wider community with a variety of projects.

At the core of our activities is the desire to do things differently – to have a lasting, positive impact, that improves the quality of life of local children, young people and adults.

We are striving to build a five-million-pound facility to house all our efforts under one roof and have the maximum impact we possibly can.

For the coming months, we are very excited to continue our Wirral Youth Weekender events that will bring a weekend of fun and education to young people in the community every month until July 2022.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of our projects, as a volunteer or a participant, we would love to hear from you!

Stay updated and get in touch on social media (@breakthemouldgb) or via our website:

Find out more about the Noctorum community-run Social Supermarket here:

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