Podcast & YouTube Project

The Mission 

Since the COVID19 outbreak, many of us have felt isolated, unable to see family or friends and live our normal lives. Those of us with different mental and/or physical needs may have found this time especially difficult. On top of this, school, friends, going out and finding employment can also be stressors for young people living with mental and/or physical disabilities. 

We want young people to know that no one is alone in their struggle, and that’s why we want to shine a light on the stories of some of the inspirational people living with different mental and/or physical needs in our community. 

We feel it is important to share these real experiences to inspire young people in similar situations and empower them with the knowledge that they deserve, and can achieve, the successful life they desire. 

Our Vision 

In order to share these stories and talk openly about Break the Mould and our activities, we will be launching a podcast!

In its first series, we will hear the stories and experiences of inspirational and successful people that may have impairments mentally and/or physically. These stories are valuable to better understand our diverse community in the Wirral, and we hope they will resonate with young people with similar experiences and provide them with a source of connection and inspiration. 

In the second series, we will talk openly about Break the Mould. We want to tell you all about our projects and programmes, our progress as an organisation, our amazing volunteers: anything and everything about BTM. 

Transparency is one of our key values, and we hope that this transparency will have a positive effect on our donations, investments and awareness of our organisation to help us continue our work with young people and the community.


The Podcast

The podcast is 2 fold – 1st  series on it will be speaking with inspirational and successful people that may have impairments mentally or physically and talking about what they have been through to shine a light and hopefully resonate with a young person with he same disability or going through the same problems and inspire the young person that they can be successful in what ever they desire

2nd series – Is to openly talk about BTM – how setting up is going, talk about projects, volunteers anything and everything about BTM. Having this transparency and promotion may have a positive affect with donations, investments and awareness

You can Find Us On YouTube

Once Covid allows we will be inviting people with unique disabilities to join us on a video again to spread awareness of that particular disability and allow children to learn about different disabilities.