Natan Trolka

Meet our amazing Project Support Volunteer Natan Hoyle!

Natan is enthusiastic and super organised at bringing new innovate ideas to our team. Along with bringing a great work ethic and commitment to Break The Mould, Natan works above and beyond at everything he puts himself forward for! 

Working for Yellow House Charity, Natan was able to make significant changes to current strategies and negotiated improvements. Natan was very keen on generating more funding for charity as it was one of their main concerns. Natan really enjoyed his time working as junior project manager and gaining an insight into a charity origination and its operations. Utilising effective social media strategies, Natan was able to provide an increase of 20% in their social media engagement. On top of that generating £900 in profit through developed growth strategies.
Natan is also an amazing singer, check out his work here & you can also find him on Instagram here

Thank you Natan for being a valuable member of our team!

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